Meeting Summaries powered by AI

Sumeet summarizes all your Google meetings, saving you tons of time spent on note-taking and long follow-up emails.


When your meeting ends, Sumeet gets to work

  • Summary

    Sumeet automatically summarizes and sends meeting highlights to your inbox

  • Sumeet inbox

    All your meetings are saved and managed in one place

  • Meeting info

    View attendees, duration, speakers & timestamps + full transcription

  • Edit

    Add missing details and add your final touch to have a perfect meeting summary in no time

Meeting Summary

Sumeet's AI analyzes conversations and creates convenient summaries based on human-level insights with minimal data loss
  • Deep learning technology continually optimizes and improves summarization quality
  • Instantly arrange meeting follow-ups with clients and colleagues

Easy-to-Use Meetings Inbox

  • Manage all your meetings in one location
  • Organize and sort meeting data and notes
  • Access vital meeting info, audio, and transcriptions
  • Use keywords to search through summaries and transcriptions

Editing Capabilities

  • Edit: Access a suite of editing tools to highlight, add or remove content to your meeting summary to highlight, add, remove, insert images, and more
  • Comments: add comments during the meeting via Sumeet live or anytime afterwards in your meetings inbox (coming soon)