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Sumeet is the go-to tool to Manage All Your Interviews with the Power of AI! Sumeet records, transcribes and summaries all your interviews, saving you significant time and energy.

Meeting Summary

Sumeet AI produces human-level summaries and bullet points packed with insights and action-items, with minimal data loss

There's no need to waste time in trying to remember each candidate's response, so you can close positions faster as a recruiter.

Sumeet's use of deep learning technologies ensures that the quality of your meeting summaries and highlights keep getting better, the more you use the app.


Main Features

  • Full transcript
  • Audio recording
  • Meeting summary
  • Bullet points with action items
  • Editing tools

Meetings Dashboard

Manage all your interviews and meetings in a single place. Organize them based on clients, roles, functions, companies, and more. Search for specific keywords in each recorded interview and meeting


How Does Sumeet Work?

Step 1
Go to and download the Sumeet Chrome extension.
Step 2
Sign up and click start record whenever your meeting starts.
Step 3
After the meeting ends, you'll receive the meeting summary, action items, full recording, and transcript in your Sumeet inbox.