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Sumeet summarizes all your offline meetings, online meetings, and phone call meetings, saving you tons of time spent on note-taking.

Sumeet Meeting Room

The No. 1 app for offline meetings

The Sumeet mobile app records, transcribes, and summarizes all your face-to-face meetings and phone calls. Just click Record and focus on your meeting; Sumeet will do the rest.


Phone Call Meetings

Sumeet’s holistic solution also covers your phone call meetings. Just start the Sumeet mobile app when your call meetings start, click Record, and focus on your meeting.


Sumeet Web

Sumeet is the go-to tool for your online meetings too. Sumeet will automatically join, record, transcribe, and summarize all your meetings on Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.
Microsoft Teams
Google Meet

How Does Sumeet Work?

Step 1
Go to and download the Sumeet mobile and desktop apps.
Step 2
Sign up and click Record whenever your meeting starts.
Step 3
After the meeting ends, access the meeting summary, action items, full recording, and transcript in your Sumeet inbox.

Main Features

  • Full meeting recording and transcript
  • A detailed summary, including a list of action items
  • Timestamps
  • Automated voice recognition and speaker identification
  • Meetings Inbox to organize, edit, search, share, and add comments

Meeting Summary

Sumeet briefs you on all the highlights of all your meetings, including the ones you did not attend.
  • From now on, meeting follow-ups are instant. No more letting your colleagues and potential clients wait for the meeting follow-ups.
  • Listening to your meeting briefs will become very handy when you’re on the move. Sumeet will read your meeting summaries, or just play the highlights for you.
  • Deep learning technologies power a learning curve that can improve the quality of your meeting summaries and identify the highlights.

Meetings Dashboard

  • Manage all your meetings in one place
  • Organize your meetings as you like
  • Search for specific sections within each meeting


  • Full recording and transcription of all your meetings, perfectly organized by speaker and timeline
  • Filter by speaker to focus on what you need
  • Share and work on the meeting with your teammates


  • Edit: Complete set of editing tools to highlight, update, insert images, and more
  • Comments: Add text and voice comments to your meeting
  • Search: Find specific meetings or sections using keywords and filters


Sumeet revolutionizes the way meetings are managed in the corporate world. Have all your company meetings recorded, transcribed, summarized, and organized on your private cloud server.

  • Index your company meetings by owners, participants, departments, customers, and more
  • Sumeet integrates with Salesforce, Slack, Trello, JIRA, Monday, and more. Your meeting takeaways and action items are only a click away from entering your work pipeline.
  • Internal analytics for cross-meetings analysis